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Building Plan Approvals

Get Approval from Various planning authorities in Pune urban & sub-urban areas.

PMC Building Permission

Plan Approval for House construction, Apartments, Institutional buildings, Industries.

PCMC Building Permission

House construction, Apartments, Institutional buildings, Industries , planning permission.

PMRDA Building Permission

Plan Approval, House construction, Apartments, Institutional buildings, Industries.

Permissions We Have Procured

We have worked for various range of projects. Few og them are explained below.

Services We Offer

Get a range of services required for your building & land related permissions.

Building Approval

Building Permission

Get planning permission, plinth checking & occupation certificate.

Zone Certificate

Zone Certificate

Get your Zone Certificate (zone dakhla) from any planning authority.

Feasibility report

Feasibility Report

This report will help you understand your land and its potential in detail.

Road Handover

Road Handover

Get Extra FSI by handover of area under road, amenity space, Mhada building.

TDR buy sale

TDR Buy/Sell

Buy and Sell  Slum and Regular TDR at right price.

Land Mojani


Quick Service for Government and Private Mojani including documentation process.

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FAQ About Building Permission -

When Should I seek for any Permission?

One should seek this process while constructing a new building. Also it is required at time of extension, Addition of floor, Lift addition  in existing building. Remember, for any interior changes approvals are not required.

What are the documents required for various approvals?

Below is the Checklist of documents required for building permission, plinth checking and to obtain Occupancy Certificate.

Building Permission

Below is the List of documents for building permission.

  • Application for Building permission
  • Mojani map showing plot boundaries
  • 7/12 or property card
  • Property Fer-Faar (Mutation Entries)
  • PREDCR drawing & report
  • Zoning Demarcation
  • Building drawing as per DC rules 2017
  • Structural stability certificate
  • Site supervisor Letter
  • Owner Registration to PMC
  • Tax NOC
  • Title & Search Report
  • Aviation NOC (or elevation certificate)
  • Society Allotment letter & NOC
  • Site Photos
  • Layout Plan (If available)

Plinth Checking

List of documents for Plinth Checking.

  • Plinth Application
  • Plinth drawing Sketch
  • 7/12 or property card
  • Property Fer-Faar (Mutation Entries)
  • Sanction drawing Set
  • Commencement Certificate
  • Site Photos
  • NA Order
  • Labour Insurance
  • Structural drawing
  • Structural Certificate
  • Tax NOC
  • Information board on site

Occupancy Certificate

Occupancy Certificate list of documents

  • Solar NOC
  • Structural Engineer Certificate
  • Rain Water Harvesting NOC
  • Vermiculture NOC
  • Lift NOC
  • Fire NOC
  • Garden NOC
  • Hamipatra
  • Indemnity Bond
  • Tax NOC
  • Water line NOC
  • Drainage NOC
  • Information board on site
  • Plinth Certificate and drawings
  • Atikraman Vibhag Dakhla
  • Navin Jalotsaran Vibhag Dakhala
  • Commencement Certificate and Drawings

These are common documents required for municipal permission for construction of a house. Set of blueprint is submitted later after payment of challan. At time of application test prints on A1 size can be submitted instead of blue prints.

What is the time duration required for building plan Approval?

Generally it takes 2 to 3 months for whole process. This time varies in various planning authorities like  PMC, PCMC, PMRDA.

How much development charges I should pay?

Generally development charges goes from Rs 50 – 200 per sq.ft. for buildings in PMC. While it goes to Rs 25-100 per sq.ft. for buildings in PCMC. However, you can also use Foot2feet development charges calculator for same. It also gives other charges in details like Water line, terrace  premium charges, fire charges etc

What is the Procedure for Online permission?

Step 1. Procuring all required documents.

Step 2. Online application with Pre-dcr drawing to get Pre Approval.

Step 3. Offline file submission.

Step 4. Site visit report and order by Building Inspecto.r

Step 5. Payment of Challan.

Step 6. Final stamp on blueprint and get Commencement Certificate.

How to make online application for this ?

A PMC registered architect can apply online from his online PMC account.

A PCMC registered architect can apply online from his online PCMC Website.

What are the Building Rules in PCMC?

Click here for PMC building rules DCPR 2017.

Click here for PCMC building rules.

Do I need Liasoning Architect for building permission ?

Liasoning architect plays major role here. He helps in document clearance, maximum extraction of built up area, avoid government penalties, procure all necessary NOC’s, give legal opinion for building rules. On other hand, Design architect does design, working drawing and also does site supervision. But sometimes both the work are done by same architect, as per owner’s choice.

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